Subscription Terms and Conditions

This document governs your use of the online and print content of Real Estate Alert ("REA") and its website ("").

  1. Publisher. REA is published weekly by Harrison Scott Publications Inc. ("HSP"), 5 Marine View Plaza, Suite 400, Hoboken, N.J. 07030-5795. is also produced and maintained by HSP.
  2. Licenses. All subscriptions to REA come in the form of licenses. A license allows a specified number of a company's employees to receive an online link to REA by email without violating REA's federal copyright (ISSN: 1520-3719). Links are functional for only 30 days.

    The annual cost of a license depends on the number of a company's employees authorized to receive REA each week. A list of the available license types and their annual license fees can be found by clicking here.

    Designated members of a license group may use their individual email addresses and passwords to sign in to and access the website's subscriber-only features, including the Deal Database and REA's online archives. License holders are prohibited from distributing or otherwise sharing their individual sign-in information.

    A license group's list of designated members can be changed at any time. To expand a license group, and thus its distribution rights, contact customer-service director JoAnn Tassie at or 201-234-3980.
  3. Email addresses. REA can be sent only to individuals using corporate or organizational email addresses, as opposed to personal email addresses (e.g. gmail, yahoo).
  4. Cancellations. License holders may cancel their subscriptions at any time and receive a full refund for all issues of REA that have not yet been delivered.
  5. Renewals. Prior to a subscription coming due, HSP sends renewal invoices to license holders and won't renew a subscription until it receives a positive response. HSP never renews subscriptions automatically.
  6. Copyright violations. It is a violation of federal copyright law to forward or otherwise distribute any part of REA, or links to an issue (either inside or outside a company), without first obtaining permission from REA. HSP treats such violations as actionable offenses.
  7. Monitoring. HSP routinely monitors usage of the publication by employing tracking technology.
  8. Privacy. HSP reserves the right to share subscribers' names and contact information with conference producers and other third parties, unless subscribers request their information be withheld from such sharing arrangements.