About The High-Yield Fund Database

Real Estate Alert's High-Yield Fund Database offers detailed views of more than 2,000 real estate investment funds and more than 1,000 fund managers in the U.S. and other countries. The information is gathered from Real Estate Alert's survey of fund managers and other research it conducts.

For questions about the High-Yield Fund Database, contact Rob E. Mihok at 201-234-3974.

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About the High-Yield Fund Database

The High-Yield Fund Database is made up of closed-end real estate funds that aim to raise at least $50 million of equity and target net returns of 10% or more. Funds listed in the database must have at least one U.S. investor, and they must be currently marketing or have held a final close since Jan. 1, 2000.

The database doesn't report fund performance.

Users of the database can:

  • Filter high-yield funds by fund type, asset type, investment regions, equity goals, equity raised and other data points.
  • Sort individual fund operators by the country of their headquarters, the types of funds they run, the types of assets they invest in and their investment regions.
  • Identify the placement agents that fund operators are employing to raise equity.
  • Learn where active fund operators are investing their equity and which asset classes they're targeting.

Fund-level Data Fields

Field Name Detailed Description
Fund Name of fund
Type Opportunity (Target net return >= 16%)
Value-added (Target net return = 13% to 15.99%)
Core-plus (Target net return = 10% to 12.99%)
High-yield debt (Mostly invests in high-yield debt or preferred equity)
Fund of funds (Multi-manager fund)
Operator Name of fund operator (general partner)
Co-operator Name of co-fund operator, when applicable
Year of Final Close Year fund completed capital-raising
Placement Agent Name of third-party firm that assisted in capital-raising
Co-Placement Agent Name of additional placement agent, when applicable
Equity Goal ($Mil.) Fund-raising goal
Equity Raised ($Mil.) Investor equity raised as of most recent update
Equity Invested Fund equity invested as of most recent update
Percent of Equity Invested Invested equity as a percentage of the equity goal
Target Net Return (%) Targeted internal rate of return for investors, after fees
Asset Type(s) Broad asset types targeted by the fund (ex. office properties, retail, whole loans, mezzanine debt)
Targeted Regions Regions for investment targeted by the fund (ex. Asia, Sun Belt, Gateway Cities)
Management Fee Annual fee charged to fund investors, as a percentage of total investment
Preferred Return for LPs Minimum return to investors before application of carried interest
Subsequent GP/LP Split of Profits (%) Carried interest charged by the general partner(s) on additional profits above the preferred return
IRR Needed for GP to get 20% of Profits Internal rate of return that must be achieved for the general partner(s) to capture 20% of total fund profits
Acquisition Contact Name of the fund's acquisitions contact person
Acquisition Contact Phone Phone number of acquisitions contact
Investor Relations Contact Name of the fund's investor relations contact person
Investor Relations Contact Phone Phone number of investor relations contact

Operator-level Data Fields

Field Name Detailed Description
Operator Name of fund operator
Address Headquarters address
City Headquarters city
State Headquarters state
Country Headquarters country
Phone Primary phone number
Website Primary website
Founded Year operator was founded
Equity in Active Funds ($Mil.) Sum of equity raised by all active funds
Vehicle Types Fund types managed by the operator, including liquidated vehicles
Active? Does the operator manage any active real estate funds? (Y or N)